Who we are

Set up by Keith Kinsella and Roger Niven and run as a live and ongoing experiment into leadership in partnership, PIN members share a commitment to helping partnerships exploit the collaborative and innovative approaches which can radically improve performance and outcomes.

But identifying and developing the complex skills needed to do this, even for experienced leaders, is not easily achieved. These are hard to capture in simple models, are not easily transferred from other roles/locations, or learned away from the contexts in which practice is enacted.

Roger and Keith have therefore been developing during their association with the Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS) at Exeter University, a unique approach for facilitating the adaptive learning processes needed to achieve this, which they call close learning. Based on their many years of executive and consulting experience, and further enhanced through personal research at both Bath and Middlesex universities, they have created a way of working that seems particularly suited to complex partnerships.

In order to adapt and learn, the leadership of complex partnerships need to stay in touch with and appreciate the challenges faced by their members, stakeholders, and customers. In the same way, providers of leadership development while developing useful new theory and models, need also to keep open to the messiness and difficulties of the real situations
faced by clients. This intimate experiencing of real world leadership in partnership is how members of the Network balance creativity with pragmatism, and continually hone their own skills and knowledge