What we do

The key test of PIN’s approach has always been effectiveness in action. We have found over time that it is the people who are working together in complex community oriented partnerships that have the talent for creating the most effective working relations and practices that will best fit their own situation.

So we don’t attempt to offer expert consultancy or propose specific solutions. Instead we use our considerable experience and expertise, to work more perceptively and imaginatively alongside members of partnerships to co-create learning conditions which enable members to elicit, share, and exploit their tacit knowledge and creativity to better attain their purposes.

We work in a flexible, wholistic, and client specific manner to achieve this. Using Proteus as our guide, we take on different forms which most assist clients to gain the learning they need to improve collaborative working and the achievement of desired outcomes. Tailoring and fusing the broad elements of our core knowledge of community-strategy-partnership-leadership-development and our capabilities in coaching, action learning, workshop design/facilitation, and education, we explore and engage in novel ways with each development project to:

articulate the scope and nature of appropriate leadership development activities

 resource development activities through facilitation, coaching, and web based learning support 

rigorously evaluate/re-align our work regularly and openly with those with whom we work

progressively transfer ownership of the development process to the partnership itself

diffuse the learning through seminars, coaching, web-based interaction and publications