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Given the level of uncertainty and complexity in this kind of partnership working, we do not offer a simple set of solutions to the development of leaders and leadership for multi-sector partnerships. Rather we work with our partnership clients in a lively ‘dance’ of development where we play our part in mutually steering the learning journey which moves them progressively to the knowing, the resources, and action they find most effective. In seeking to play our part in this, we work to the following eight principles:

1.We offer a form of facilitation and coaching to individuals, groups, and communities that both provokes and supports learning for action

2.We focus on resolving live and significant challenges in the local context, and ideally in a ‘here and now’ manner

3.We use close learning principles to help people improve immediate performance and at the same time enhance their capabilities for the future

4.We address the critical connections between strategy and organisation, and change and continuity, working on both high level questions e.g. ‘place-making’, and nitty gritty problems involved in e.g. ‘project delivery’

5.We use disciplined processes of conversation, dialogue, and interchange as the primary means of fostering and stimulating the mutual influencing and educating process that needs to take place between participants

6.We believe that significant change requires mutually supporting shifts in both individual behaviour and the local context and culture that supports and gives meaning to these initially fragmentary and isolated individual changes

7.We help clients learn and develop from taking action over a number of cycles of action and reflection in order to support the subtle systemic adjustments and cultural legitimation process that underpins lasting change

8.To give continuity and meaning to our emergent work together, we devote considerable time and effort ‘offline’ to helping clients identify, make, and maintain the learning threads of the process, regularly addressing the question how best can we go on together? 

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