The links on the previous INFORMATION page allow you to access and study materials which hopefully will be useful to you. But they are in a sense ‘complete’, and though your own reading and meaning making will constitute a creative act on your part, these materials don’t encourage public participation as such.

In contrast, this INTERACTION section provides opportunities for people interested in exploring ‘leadership in partnership’ to engage in more open, active, and public ways, not only with PIN staff but others who visit and use the facilities here. Through relating to users as co-developers, these facilities encourage user participation, and so create more dynamic content which gets more diverse and deeper as more people take part. And through harnessing this self-servicing ‘long tail’ of users, we hope the site will tap into the collective intelligence of this virtual network adding up to a richer user experience for all.

So rather than just retrieving information, facilities in this section, principally the Blog and Forum, are based on an ‘architecture of participation’ that we hope will encourage visitors to add value to these as they use them:

  • The Protean Blogger offers ideas and comment from PIN members and invited guests on topical issues each month, which we hope will stimulate debate and lead to some continuing inquiry and dialogue
  • The Discussion Forum has two parts: a 'general' section open to the general public which we hope will attract a variety of contributions over time; and a 'private' section organised on a ‘client/project’ basis which will be used to stimulate and capture key strands, and help provide continuity over time, in the dialogues that take place in these more contained debates and groupings.
We welcome new and old users and invite you to take part.