During the course of many years of personal inquiry, both academic and practical, experiences and conversations with clients, and dialogues with a variety of specialists, we have been able to build a large 'library' of interesting articles, tools, exercises and links. These are wide ranging but are generally associated with the fields of strategy, leadership, development, change, partnership working, and so on. And in addition, as part of our own practice, we create presentations and self managed learning guides, and write notes and articles.

This section of the website has been created to put much of this into the public domain, making it available to our clients - we may recommend certain papers for them to study - as well as others who may be interested in learning more about these fields. All the material developed by PIN is freely available but we ask that if you use any of these, you acknowledge their source. And we ask further that you make suitable acknowledgements of any materials you might make use of appearing on other websites/links .

The information is organised in three sections:

Here you will find independent articles and writings that appear in journals and/or websites, on specific topics and issues of interest in this field

Here you will find a mixed collection of materials, working papers, guided reading outlines, presentations, and so on, that we have written for internal use as well as for specific client programmes.

Useful links
Here you will find a series of links to a range of websites that we have found and continue to find, useful sources of ideas, approaches, tools, and knowledge that influence our thinking and practice.