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A.I.P. Help can relieve home owners of some or all of the basic home maintenance and handyman chores. Maintenance can be scheduled on a monthly, annual, or even emergency basis.
Most homes in Ohio are manufactured with bedrooms and bathroom on the 2nd floor, laundry in the basement and 3 or 4 steps at each entrance. These features are fine for young families but as we age these typical features can cause hazards or inconveniences.
A.I.P. Help can help home owners identify, and then develop, a plan to reduce or eliminate many hazards around the home. From adding handrails on the stairs, to completely remodeling the main floor to accommodate needs, A.I.P. Help works with area trades to make the home meet the needs of the residents.
Seniors may need help maintaining the property exterior or replacing an appliance. A.I.P. Help employs a variety of handyman services to help home owners remain safe while maintaining a comfortable environment.

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