The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation (WOAF) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization in Wadsworth, OH. WOAF encourages and accepts gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations on behalf of the Soprema Senior Center.

Although not widely known, WOAF has served Wadsworth’s senior community for over thirty years and has been a long standing source of financial support to the Center.


The mission of the Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation is to be proactive in providing supplemental support to the programs and services affiliated with the Soprema Senior Center.



The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation shall establish itself as the premiere community resource to advocate for a high quality of life for seniors.



The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation believes:

The value of life does not diminish with age and that seniors are a valuable asset to our community.

All seniors deserve respect and access to services that allow them to maintain dignity and independence.

All seniors shall be afforded the opportunity to make choices and that such self determination will enable them to maintain self confidence.