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As economic and demographic changes pose a range of new challenges, the role of the community in governing, as well as fostering civic responsibility, has assumed greater importance. Many now recognise that more creative forms of partnership working are required to resolve the dilemmas that arise, and so a variety of more locally based partnerships, often involving all ‘three sectors’, have begun to make a significant strategic contribution. These are anything but generic:

unique arrangements are needed to suit differing purposes and local conditions/traditions

• with the need to integrate many different contributors within a common purpose and adapt collectively to changing environments, the leadership in multi-sector partnerships is very different to that faced in the organisations that supply the members of these new forms of partnership
knowledge that is relevant to developing the new leadership skills needed, is most often embedded in the emerging everyday interactions of the partnership itself, which can't be captured in neat models, codes of 'good practice', or taught in conventional workshops

consequently, a new kind of real time, situated, ‘learning on the go’  is required to help members learn and practice the new attitudes and behaviours needed, ideally while they are in fact carrying out the work, or in ways that are felt to be close to the situations they have to deal with

The Protean Inquiry Network helps partnerships experience this new kind of development while they deliver practical results. Using our own close learning approach, we work alongside leadership to identify and exploit the learning triggered through concerted and creative action on the real issues facing their partnerships. We also diffuse more broadly the practical ‘knowing from inside’ that emerges from these encounters

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The PIN specialises in helping complex multi-sector partnerships provide innovative leadership to the local communities they serve